About Me

My name is Stella and I am a Molecular Biologist with a degree in Biochemistry and Healthy Nutrition. I am also a competitive runner.


A few years ago I was just another skinny fat girl that does exercise from time to time with no real aim behind it. I’ve never been exactly fat, but I’m pretty short (159 cm) and short people tend to look out of shape when there’s a little extra weight. My self esteem was low – most of the time I was figuring out ways to cover up my imperfections yet I didn’t seam to quite get how to start shaping up.  

What truly changed things was not a special restrictive diet or some magical training plan, but my own approach towards sport and sports condition. If you want great results, you need to be consistent and make little strictly directed steps to what you want to achieve – it is as simple as that. There are plenty of products out there, created and designed to make you fit – fitness programs, dietary ideologies, magic fruits and so on. You’ll get in the shape of your life in 3 months, 3 weeks, 10 days… promises that sounds tempting… especially if you’re planning to start tomorrow. I tried many of these methods for a while and I always ended up unsatisfied, tired and hungry. Pushing yourself through tremendous efforts and stress makes you feel rather estranged from the simple joy of movement and the pleasure of doing something that you actually like to do. Being consistent means dedication and you can’t dedicate yourself and your time to the mere dream of small sized jeans at the end of suffering. You need a better purpose, something that makes you happy along the way – for me that’s running. 🙂

I created this website and community, because I feel that it’s time for me to share some experience and help others achieve their goals and get in the best shape ever – both physicaly and emotionally. Throught out the years I spent running, following training plans and doing exercise, I noticed that most people believe in programs made “for everybody”. But you are not everybody. You start from your personal level, you have your own flaws and your own strenghts, your taste in food is different from anyone elses and thus something that worked great for someone else might not give any result with you. Your training and nutrition plan has to be personal – created for noone else but you. 


The aim of Cake in The Six Pack is to analyze data sent from you with your personal characteristics and to design the best possible “Be fit” programe, while strictly following your progress and making changes if necessary. 

What you get is:

  • Nutrition plan, designed for your goals, taking in mind your favorite foods and drinks, making them fit in the plan; 
  • Training plan, designed for your fitness level, your daily rhythm, the sports that you like and the results that you’re looking for;
  • Constant tracking of your progress and upgrading the plan according to it;
  • Online consultation and feedback on your activity. 

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